Tobacco Seed Pellet Now Available

Germains Seed Technology is pleased to announce that our R&D team based in Gilroy, California reformulated our tobacco seed pellet to improve germination and overall quality. OxyKote® is  a high-quality seed pellet that splits upon contact with water. Commonly used for crops such as lettuce, Germains modified the OxyKote® seed pellet formula so that it may be used to coat tobacco seeds.

Tobacco Fields

Tobacco Fields | Improve Field Spacing with Tobacco Seed Pellet Technology

Improve Germination Speed with Germains Tobacco Seed Pellet Technology

Our Sr. Scientist recently reformulated the tobacco pellet specifically to address some of the feedback Germains Sales Team had received from our customers. According our researcher “some of our customers had expressed that they were having issues with the pellet dyes bleeding onto their Styrofoam trays.” In addition to addressing our customer’s concerns, we took the opportunity to improve the speed of germination and the overall roundness of the seed pellet. The tobacco seed pellet may be customized to meet various seed pellet sizes required by both U.S. and Canadian Tobacco growers.

Improve Germination with Germains' Tobacco Seed Pellet

Improve Germination with Seed Pellet Technology | Germains Tobacco Seed Pellet Technology

Benefits of Tobacco Seed Pellets

In summary, Germains’ OxyKote® seed pellet for tobacco benefits include:
• A variety of new colors that do not bleed onto the Styrofoam seed trays
• Choose pellet colors with either a sparkle or matte finished
• Improved roundness for optimizing planting with a Drum Seeder
• Improved speed of emergence vs. raw seed
• Sized to industry standards for both U.S. and Canada

As North America moves into the 2016 tobacco growing season, this is an opportune time to try out Germains tobacco seed pellet technology. For more information about our OxyKote® seed pellet for tobacco and or pricing, please contact us today!