NipsIt Protects Lettuce Crops from Aphids and Leaf Miners

If your lettuce fields are being impacted by aphid infestations, we suggest that you consider adding NipsIt as a filmcoat treatment to your primed and pelleted lettuce seeds before planting. Shimat V. Joseph, IPM Advisor, Cooperative Extension Monterey County recently published a report stating that Lettuce aphids are one of many insects that are threatening […]

Cercospora Leaf Spot Impact on Sugarbeet

One of the challenges for the 2016 Sugarbeet season was Cercospora Leaf Spot. Cercospora causes crop losses by decreasing the crop’s yield and sugar percent. Additional losses may occur in the storage season due to increased impurities and respiration losses. These losses make planning for control of Cercospora to be on the forefront of grower’s […]