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Organic & Conventional Carrot Seed Disinfection Now Available!

Is your carrot crop suffering from seed-borne diseases such as Xanthomonas? Look no further. Germains Seed Technology now offers both a conventional and organic option for carrot seed disinfection. The impact of seed-borne diseases in vegetable crops has long been ignored. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be an unsuspected menace within your seed yet have […]

Seed Treatments for Broccoli and other Brassicas

Whether you are using conventional or organic cultivation methods, Germains offers a few different seed treatments for broccoli, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower. When applied, seed treatments for brassicas can not only help your crops overall performance but can protect your seedlings before emergence.  The following are a few seed treatment options for you to select […]

Organic Seed Treatments: Is There Such a Thing?

When you think of seed treatments or seed technology, it is not likely that organic seed treatments come to mind.  Often most people associate seed treatments with agrochemicals and or conventional agriculture. As the demand for organic vegetables continues to climb, organic vegetable growers seek new and innovative cultivation methods and practices to help improve […]

Three Seed Treatments for Carrots | Help Reduce Risks and Improve Crop Performance

Every season you plant a crop, there are risks. Weather, poor germination, insects, disease, and nutrient deficiencies are just a few of the risks that may run through your mind before you plant your next carrot crop. To reduce your risks and improve your crop performance why not start with your seed? The following are […]

Vegetable Seed Treaments, Coatings and Disinfection Processes

With 145 years of experience serving growers, we know that no vegetable species or field condition is the same. As one of the first companies to introduce pelleted seed into the American market in the 1950s, Germains continues to offer industry-leading conventional and organic seed technologies scientifically formulated for each species and tailored to perform […]

Is There a Difference Between Lettuce Seed Coatings?

For seventy years, Germains Seed Technology has earned the reputation for being the industry leader for seed coatings such seed pellets and encrustments.  Lettuce growers, who seek to achieve a more uniform stand, reduce the number of seeds used and time spent thinning fields opt to utilize seed coatings. Seed coatings offer many benefits including: […]

Onion Seed Treatments Available for 2015 Season

Onion season is in full swing, and Germains Gilroy facility is busy processing thousands of pounds of onion seeds with a variety of conventional and organic seed treatments before they are distributed and planted throughout the United States. According to the National Onion Association (NOA), there are approximately 1,000 growers in the United States who […]

Seed Technology Solutions for Export to Mexico

As we move into the fall and winter seasons, growers and seed producers are actively preparing for seasonal vegetable production in Mexico. Mexico’s Government agency SAGARPA requires that seed export complies with phytosanitary requirements that may pose some challenges for export from the United States. Committed to delivering industry-leading innovative seed technologies that support both […]