ProBio® Organic Seed Pelleting



ProBio® Organic Seed Pelleting

Sugar beet seed pelleting set off the development of all seed technologies over seventy years ago. Germains was the first to create a conventional pellet for sugar beet seed that today has evolved into the development of certified organic seed pellets. Available for a number of vegetable species, organic pellets are available in four options that are suitable for specific growing regions, and available in a variety of sizes and weights compatible with precision planters. Stacked with technologies such Priming and Health, Germains ProBio® Pellets will help you maximize your potential.

ProBio® organic seed pelleting technologies offer many benefits, including:

  • Produces bigger, rounder, and smoother seed pellets
  • Allows for precision drilling
  • Is the ideal carrier for some crop protection treatments
  • Ensures uniform size of pelleted seed allows the ability to handle even the finest seed
  • Certified organic by ASCO
  • Microplastic free

Preferred by lettuce organic growers in the southwest desert region, ProBio oxykote is a tan, heavy seed pellet that splits once irrigated. Offering excellent plantability and uniform placement, oxykote seed pellets remain in place after irrigating the field.

Species availability:

Popular amongst leafy organic vegetable growers in California and other Pacific Northwest regions, ProBio® Propellet® Heavy is a versatile white, heavy, melting seed pellet that allows rapid oxygen uptake.

Species availability:
Endive, Escarole, Lettuce, Radicchio

ProBio® Propellet® Light, otherwise know as PPL, is a high-quality lightweight certified organic seed pellet that is popular among organic lettuce growers located along California’s central coast and the Salinas Valley region. PPL is also available for onions and other leafy vegetable crops.

Species availability:
Beets, Endive, Escarole, Lettuce, Onion/Shallot, Radicchio, Red Beet, Tomatoes

ProBio proflo precise is a heavy, certified organic precision encrustment, designed to improve singulation and improve the seed’s flow through a vacuum seeder. ProBio proflo precise is commonly used with Spider Vacuum Planters when planting baby leaf lettuce that is designed to reduce wear on the planter’s sponges. When using a vacuum precision planter, this seed treatment enables growers to plant 2.5 M per acre vs 4M raw seeds per acre.

Species availability:
Lettuce, Onion/Shallot

Built up to a lesser degree than a round seed pellet, organic seed encrustments are another option for growers using precision seed encrustments to help with uniform distribution of filmcoatings that may include biologicals such as T-22, Actinovate and or Mycostop.

Species availability:
Carrot, Celery, Endive, Escarole, Leek, Lettuce, Onion/Shallot, Radicchio