ProBio gopure is an organic seed disinfection process that effectively removes seed-borne pathogens like Pseudomonas spp. from Swiss chard, beet, coriander, and kale seeds, and Xanthomonas spp. from carrot and Brassica seeds.

Key benefits:

  • Significantly reduces Pseudomonas spp. and Xanthomonas spp.
  • Certified third-party pathology and germination testing for quality assurance
  • Certified organic process that disinfects seed without impacting shelf life or germination
  • Helps to reduce unknown transfer of pathogenic organisms onto other crops and into the field
  • Removal of seed-borne pathogens improves overall crop health, helping to optimize yield
  • Microplastic free

Innovative organic seed disinfection

Discovery of ProBio gopure

The idea for ProBio gopure started with a single customer inquiry. The customer had 100,000 pounds of Swiss chard seed that was contaminated with a seed-borne bacterial disease. Rather than discard or sell the seed at a reduced cost, the customer decided to contact Germains Seed Technology for a solution. Germains’ Sales and R&D Teams collaborated with the customer and worked in partnership to formulate an effective certified organic disinfection process known today as ProBio gopure.

Success leads to crop diversification

Since 2015, Germains has successfully disinfected millions of pounds of contaminated seed with our proprietary organic seed disinfection process. Due to the growing demand for disease-free seed, Germains continues to modify the disinfection process to remove a broader range of seed-borne pathogens, such as Xanthomonas campestris pv. carotae from carrot seed. Far superior to a standard hot water treatment, ProBio gopure  is a cost-effective certified organic process that uses proprietary methods to effectively disinfect seeds without impacting shelf life and/or germination.

Swiss chard field planted with seed disinfected with Probio® gopure® | Bacterial Leaf Spot Solution

Remove Seed-Borne Pathogens with ProBio gopure | Bacterial Leaf Spot Solution

* Please note that ProBio gopure for Kale requires a seed count of 125,000 seeds per lb for processing.

Organic seed disinfection results

We deliver valuable and sustainable results for long-term success. We earn our customers’ trust by validating our performance claims while doing what we know to be ethically right – not just what is allowed.

3rd-Party lab results show a significant reduction in seed-borne pathogens

ProBio gopure – Organic seed disinfection solution for an industry challenge

When producing baby leaf crops, bacterial leaf spot infestations can result in a complete crop loss. Harvesting clean, organic, pathogen-free seed is a challenge for seed producers and growers. Short of discarding the seed or accepting a decline in harvest quality, organic producers have few viable options to recover their crop until now: ProBio gopure.

Species availability:
Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Carrot, Cauliflower, Cilantro (Coriander), Kale, Red Beet, Swiss chard, Turnip