Seed Treatments for Phytosanitary Regulations

Mexico Export Compliance: Seed Treatments for Phytosanitary Regulations

Exporting seeds to Mexico requires compliance with strict phytosanitary requirements set forth by SAGARPA, The Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development, Mexico’s agriculture ministry. Meeting these requirements can pose challenges for seed export, especially transit delays that may jeopardize seed quality if left in poor storage conditions at customs facilities. Germains Seed Technology offers seed […]

Canada Cancellation of Thiram

Canada Considers Cancellation of Thiram

It is standard practice for many conventional vegetable growers in the United States and Canada to purchase and plant seeds that are treated with Thiram.  Registered in the United States since 1948 for non-systemic use, Thiram is a dimethyldithiocarbamate compound used as a fungicide to prevent crop damage in the field and to protect harvested […]