Organic Seed Treatments

Certified organic seed treatment for spinach

Organic Seed Treatment for Spinach Pythium Control

In March 2017, Germains Seed Technology launched ProBio® SafeGuard™, a new addition to Germains’ North America seed health technology category. ProBio® SafeGuard™ is an organic seed treatment for spinach targeting early plant protection against Pythium even before the plant emerges. By providing pre-emergence protection, ProBio® SafeGuard™ establishes a barrier around the emerging plant and the […]

Seed Buildups to Improve Seed Size

Whether you are a grower or seed breeder/producer, in the end, your seed size matters.  Seed buildups to improve seed size is an excellent especially for seed lots that are falling under the desirable number of seeds per lb. From a seed breeder’s perspective you likely want to hit a target number of seeds per […]

Organic Seed Treatments: Is There Such a Thing?

When you think of seed treatments or seed technology, it is not likely that organic seed treatments come to mind.  Often most people associate seed treatments with agrochemicals and or conventional agriculture. As the demand for organic vegetables continues to climb, organic vegetable growers seek new and innovative cultivation methods and practices to help improve […]

Biological Seed Treatments for Vegetables

Whether you are practicing organic or conventional cultivation methods, biological seed treatments are playing an increased role in the field which includes .  In fact, recent studies note that more conventional growers are opting to incorporate softer biological chemistries for crop protection. Our certified organic biological seed treatments offer a broad spectrum of controls that […]

Organic Seed Disinfection

Organic Seed Disinfection for Bacterial Leaf Spot

For growers producing organic baby leaf crops, organic seed disinfection helps prevent the spread of bacterial diseases which can spread rapidly causing devastating results. In addition, harvesting clean, organic, pathogen-free seed is another challenge for both seed producers and growers. Short of discarding the seed or accepting a decline in harvest quality, organic growers have […]

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For over a decade, Germains Seed Technology has been developing a number of organic seed treatments such as seed pelleting and priming. As consumer demand for organic vegetables continues to grow, so does grower demand for organic seed treatments and crop protection via biological methods. Germains’ Biological Seed Treatments | Approved for Export to Mexico […]