Filmcoat elite is an upgraded conventional filmcoat scientifically formulated for carrots and jalapeno peppers. Filmcoat elite improves plant nutrient uptake and supports early plant development, which aids in increasing root mass and improves seedling development.

Filmcoat elite Carrot Overview

Key benefits

  • Larger seedlings with longer, more developed roots: Optimize access to moisture and nutrients
  • Vigorous leaf canopy growth: Outcompete weeds and maximize photosynthesis
  • Uniform root growth: Beneficial for maximizing harvest of root crops
  • Increases yield potential: Beneficial for growers
Filmcoat elite on carrots

Filmcoat elite (left) vs. Untreated (right)

Field trial results

In collaboration with growers, plant breeders and seed dealers, filmcoat elite on carrot has been trialed for three seasons in California and Mexico, providing consistent trial results.

Improved uniformity

The uniformity of root crops is particularly important to support effective harvesting. As illustrated left, the filmcoat elite seed treatment resulted in improved carrot uniformity, compared to the control.

Improvement of overall yield

Increased yield

Yield increases of up to 20% have been noted for filmcoat elite on carrot, ultimately offering more value to everyone.

control vs. Filmcoat elite on carrots

control vs. Filmcoat elite on carrots

Control vs. Filmcoat Elite

Total Yield per 9ft Control vs. Filmcoat

Filmcoat elite Jalapeno Overview


A commercial breeder who produces jalapeno pepper varieties that are popular amongst growers in North America and Mexico inquired with Germains Seed Technology to see if a treatment could be developed to improve the vigor and foliage growth of jalapeno plants. The treatments also needed to be compatible with crop protection products such as thiram. Their objective was to increase the plant’s foliar mass of a popular jalapeno variety to help protect the fruit from sun damage. They theorized that the dense canopy would protect the fruit from sunscald and therefore improve the number of harvestable fruit and improve yield.


Sunscald may decrease harvestable yield, especially when harvesting the crop two or three times. To obtain more foliage and improve plant vigor for sun protection, the Filmcoat elite treatment was applied to jalapeno pepper seeds. Two independent commercial growers in Bakersfield, California, and Sinaloa, Mexico planted 100,000 seeds treated with Filmcoat elite thiram and 100,000 treated with thiram. The grower’s reported “that jalapeno seeds treated with Filmcoat elite and thiram produced more developed roots, stronger plant structure, and more foliar weight, and reduced the number of fruit damaged by sunscald.”

Key benefits

  • Vigorous leaf canopy growth: Protect fruit from sunscald, optimizing plants for multiple harvests
  • Larger seedlings with increased foliage: Improve plants ability to withstand the transplant process
  • Enhances root development: Strengthen plants for growth in harsh growing conditions
  • Increases yield potential: Provide benefit for growers

Untreated vs. filmcoat elite on jalapenos

Field trials

Compared with seed treated with only a filmcoat with Thiram, grower trials demonstrate that jalapenos treated with filmcoat elite and Thiram develop more roots, stronger plant structure, a more vigorous plant canopy to protect the fruit from sunscald, and a continued onset of flowers after the first harvest. Filmcoat elite is compatible with emergis® priming, thiram, and other crop protection seed treatments.


Compared to seed treated with only thiram, trial data suggests that the jalapenos treated with filmcoat elite combined with thiram developed more roots, stronger plant structure, heavier plant weight, and more setting fruit. Trial data also reports that the crops experienced a continued onset of flowers after the first harvest.

Need a pellet with the same benefits?

Based upon our success of ProPellet® elite for celery, Germains has tailored the propellet elite as an upgraded pellet that adds the elite benefits that help support plant growth for healthy carrot, jalapeno, and tomatillo crops.

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