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Research is Key to Identifying New Seed Enhancements

Potential new seed enhancements for sugarbeet are entering the marketplace at a steady pace. Suppliers of these products often make unverified claims ranging from improved emergence and faster growth to improved yield and quality. Commonly these products, lack reliable research and include no statistical analysis. Often the claims are based on grower testimonials. Results based […]

seed treatments for parsnip

Seed Treatments for Parsnip

Over the past decade, parsnip has seen a substantial increase in production value. Even the United States has seen an 11.17% increase in export per unit price. With the increase in demand, The USDA has set aside several standards of quality for parsnip: well-trimmed, fairly well-formed, smooth, and fairly clean. Parsnip plants have few pests […]

Raw Untreaded Seed vs Gopure Treated Spinach Seed

Why is seed cleaning important?

The seed supply chain is a complex system that spans across the globe which many seeds travel across several international borders or from fields around the world before planted by the end user: the commercial grower. Tomatoes seed production, for example, may circulate between five different countries before being planted in its final destination. Each […]

ISF Brisbane

2018 ISF World Congress

The International Seed Federation (ISF) represents the interests of the professional seed industry at the global level. As quality seed is the first step in the production of food, its availability is central to agricultural production in many, if not all, nations. ISF’s mission is to facilitate the international movement of seed for sowing within […]