Gopure® is a conventional seed disinfection treatment that uses a combination of processes and/or crop protection products that inhibit the growth of seed-borne pathogens, such as Verticillium, Stemphylium, Cladosporium, Alternaria, and Xanthomonas. Customizable to meet your field challenge, stack gopure with conventional fungicides for added protection from soil-borne pathogens such as Pythium, Rhizoctonia, and Fusarium.

Key benefits:

  • Almost no pathogens found on gopure® treated seed
  • Improves seed and seedling health, helping to optimize yield
  • Protect future crop rotations by reducing the transfer of pathogenic organisms into the field
  • Disinfection causes little to no impact on germination or shelf life

Seed disinfection treatment for carrots

Carrot overview

Bacterial leaf blight, otherwise known as Xanthomonas campestris pv. carotae, is a concern to carrot seed producers and growers in many regions of the world. The bacterium can survive on or in a carrot seed, spreading via the seed’s movement through the supply chain into the field. Planting healthy, clean seed is an essential first step for effectively managing bacterial leaf blight.

Carrot trial data

Tested on five carrot varieties, independent lab results conclude gopure is an effective solution for removing Xanthomonas from carrot seed without impacting germination or shelf life.

gopure carrot

Seed disinfection treatment plus crop protection for spinach

Seed-borne fungal pathogens severely impact the fresh spinach market by causing foliar symptoms. Dense planting, poor air circulation and low plan fertility increase the severity of these diseases. Cladosporium, Stemphyllium and Anthracnose thrive under wet growing conditions. Germains has treated numerous cultivars from various breeder producers. Clean, healthy seeds are available for spinach growers. Gopure’s efficacy at removing these seed-borne pathogens without impacting seed health is a proven technology. Why take a chance with pathogen-ridden seeds? Start with clean, healthy seeds.

Gopure is a seed disinfection treatment that also has the additional benefit of Rancona® for protecting your crop from soil-borne pathogens like Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia. A good healthy spinach crop starts with gopure.

Verticillium dahliae spp. trial data results based on the following:

  • The rate of infection on the seed following gopure
  • Effect of germination following gopure treatment
  • Effect on shelf-life following gopure treatment

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Verticillium spp.

(independent Lab)

Stemphylium botryosum

Infection Rate

Alternaria spp.

Infection Rate


(independent Lab)

Shelf life (Germination)

After treatment

Shelf life (Germination)

12 months after treatment

No Significant difference in the final germination between treatments (a=0.05).

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Species availability:
Carrot, Spinach