Field Trials Across the US Demonstrating Remarkable Stand Improvement with Ultim-ST

Organic growers cultivating corn, chickpeas, and peas have reason to celebrate as recent field trials in multiple states reveal exceptional results with ultim-ST. Developed as the ultimate solution for combating Pythium spp. and Metalaxyl-Resistant Pythium spp., this non-biological organic fungicide seed treatment has demonstrated remarkable stand improvement and yield potential.

2023 Ultim-ST Field Trial Locations

Pythium spp. disease pressure has long been challenging for organic growers, especially in the Pacific Northwest, impacting plant stands and overall crop health. However, ultim-ST organic fungicide seed treatment is changing the game, delivering outstanding emergence and stand results under Pythium spp. pressure that organic growers cannot afford to miss. For three consecutive years, ultim-ST field trials throughout North America continue to improve plant health overall, allowing for optimal nutrient uptake and improved resilience against environmental stressors. The efficacy of ultim-ST has been supported by extensive third-party trial data, providing growers confidence that there finally is an organic seed treatment solution for Pythium spp.

Key findings from the ultim-ST field trials now in progress:

  • Significant stand improvement compared to fields planted with raw seeds.
  • Consistent protection against Pythium spp., safeguarding crops from early-stage infections and promoting healthier plants.
  • Increased emergence rates, providing stronger starts and improved crop establishment.
  • Enhanced plant vigor and vitality, resulting in robust growth and development.

Furthermore, ultim-ST is certified organic and NOP-compliant, aligning with sustainable agricultural practices, and may also be incorporated into conventional IPM programs that aim to prevent Metalaxyl-Resistance. It is also microplastic-free, ensuring a clean and environmentally friendly approach to crop protection. “We are thrilled to see the outstanding results from the field trials of ultim-ST in organic corn, chickpeas, and peas in the Pacific Northwest fields, with more trials taking place in the Midwest,” said Kevin Walsh, Head of Commercial at Germains Seed Technology. “We understand the challenges faced by organic growers in managing Pythium spp. disease pressure and ultim-ST offers a game-changing solution to achieve greater stand improvement and healthier plant growth.”

Labeled for use in multiple states and crops, organic growers no longer need to settle for subpar results regarding organic crop emergence. To learn more about ultim-ST and its remarkable impact on organic crop establishment, click here to schedule or email Account Manager Travis Whitney at to arrange a field trial tour in the Pacific Northwest or Head of Commercial, Kevin Walsh at to preview fields in the Midwest.