ProBio® SafeGuard™ is a certified organic seed treatment for spinach that focuses on early plant protection even before the plant emerges. 

Certified organic seed treatment for spinachBy providing pre-emergence protection, ProBio SafeGuard establishes a barrier around the emerging plant and developing root system, helping to protect spinach plants during germination until the first true leaf stage.

Key benefits

  • Organic protection against Pythium
  • Plant protection 0-14 days after planting
  • Larger seedlings with increased foliage
  • Protection for seedling and root development
  • Better stand and increased yield potential

Situation for growers

Organic spinach growers may experience significant crop loss due to Pythium spp. Damping off is a common problem for organic spinach growers. Soil-borne fungi such as Rhizoctinia, Pythium, Phytophthora, and Fusarium are all diseases that cause symptoms of “damping off,” which is characterized by the rotting of plant stems below ground and in some cases in the plant stems above ground.

The only options for organic growers are to plant resistant spinach varieties and implement cultural controls. At this time there are no known spinach varieties with 100% resistance to Pythium. Pythium may cause major crop losses of 10% to 40%, resulting in financial losses due to lost yield, disruptions in the supply chain, and impacts to product quality.

Solution – organic seed treatment for spinach

The key timeframe for Pythium damage to take place is 0 to 14 days after planting. Therefore, Germains R&D Team identified that there may be a viable seed treatment solution to protect plants upon emergence and within the first stages of growth. By providing pre-emergence protection, Germains has developed a new innovative certified organic seed technology to protect spinach from Pythium upon emergence; ProBio SafeGuard.


ProBio SafeGuard is a multi-component ASCO certified organic seed treatment for spinach that establishes a barrier around the spinach plant’s emerging root system so that it may overcome root colonization by soil-borne fungi such as Pythium. ProBio SafeGuard is a non-biological organic seed treatment that contains GST-1000, licensed exclusively to Germains Seed Technology, has no impact on the seed quality, and has a minimum year shelf life.

How to order

The early stages of any living organism are vital to its future growth and development. Germains Seed Technology developed ProBio SafeGuard as a part of our health technology category. Contact your preferred seed distributor for availability and pricing. Or click here for more information.

ProBio SafeGuard is protected under Patent No.  62/450,020.

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