Certified Organic Seed Treatments for Vegetables

As consumer demands for organic produce continue to rise, Germains recognizes the need to deliver industry-leading organic seed treatments to the agriculture industry. Germains’ ASCO-certified organic product line ProBio® reflects our commitment to meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s organic growers. In addition, our seed treatments approved for organic use comply with the United States National Organic Program.

Germains’ certified organic seed treatment portfolio currently includes Prime, Pellet, and Health seed technologies for many vegetable species.

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Germains continues to actively invest in our Research and Development pipeline so that our product portfolio offers a diverse range of conventional and certified organic seed treatments. We look forward to introducing more ProBio® technologies to support the organic grower.

Learn more about ProBio® technologies below or contact us today for a custom solution.

Organic Products/Species Chart

certified organic seed treatments

ASCO Certificate