2017 sugarbeet harvest

2017 Sugarbeet Harvest Report | North America

The 2017 sugarbeet harvest in the United States is wrapping up with mixed results.  The USDA’s sugar and sweeteners outlook for November lists Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon as states to see a drop in sugarbeet production in 2017 while Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado have all seen gains.  Each sugarbeet growing region faces variability […]

Part 2: Seed Polymers | Spectrum® 300

Our range of seed polymers is designed to offer rapid and easy to clean down between uses, therefore minimizing the impact on production.  Germains spectrum® seed polymers have been tested through side-vent drum coaters, continuous coaters, and rotary batch seed treaters. The spectrum® 300 series is a seed filmcoating polymer that is designed for binding […]

Michigan Sugar Beet Harvest | A Story of Innovation

The Michigan sugar beet industry production ranks third in the United States with over 150,000 acres that produce well over four million tons of beets annually. However, when it comes to agriculture innovations, Michigan sugar beet producers are second to none. For example, they were the first beet industry in the USA to fully adopt […]