ProFlo® is a heavy seed encrustment coating that increases the seed size and weight to help improve singulation when planted with a vacuum seeder. Proflo improves singulation during planting vs. planting raw seed while making the seed more visible in the soil. Unlike the traditional round pellet with a specific pellet size, encrustments maintain the seed’s natural shape while adding bulk and weight to the seed so that it flows through vacuum planters with fewer skips and doubles.

New ProFlo® Seed Encrustment for Onions

Germains R&D team recently reformulated the conventional Proflo treatment for onions. The new formula enhanced the encrustment’s integrity, reduced dust-off, and improved the accuracy of the final coated seed count per lb. to meet grower’s planter specifications.

Product Benefits:

  • Improved integrity for easy planting and singulation
  • Significant reduction in dust-off
  • Elimination of buildup requirements for FarMore® applications
  • Finished desired seed count accuracy ranging from 55K to 95K +/- 5K seed per lb
  • Reduction in the number of doubles and skips

R&D Summary:

This product is designed to build to seed count accuracy (±5000) by customer’s preference, and it was launched only after passing all tests conducted in our laboratory and field trials for a couple of years. ProFlo® passed plantability and pellet integrity test using an air planter at variable disc speed and vacuum pressure. While performing the air planter test, data was generated for seed flowability on doubles, skips, broken seed and dust-off. The air planter handled the all seed treatments as per expectation without crumbling or damaging seed with minimal or no dust-off. Seed count targets were met successfully with each build runs to target seed counts. Dust-off was reduced by 80% over standard ProFlo®. Chemical loading (F300 and FI 500) tests remained within target range as per product’s rate of application recommendations. Field trials also met or exceeded expectation on seed emergence, total germination, and applicable transplant requirement.

onion seed encrustment

Final Seed Count Accuracy Testing:

Extensive testing has been conducted to achieve accuracy for accommodating requests for final seed counts.

onion seed encrustment
Three Color Options to Choose From for ProFlo® Onion:

onion seed encrustment

Species availability:
Endive, Escarole, Lettuce, Onion/Shallot, Parsnip, Radicchio