Sugarbeet Trials

Sugarbeet Variety Trial Tours

2018 Official Sugarbeet Variety Trial Tours

Each sugarbeet growing area in the USA annually conducts official sugarbeet variety trial tours. These tours allow the sugarbeet breeders to tour each growing area to visually evaluate varieties they have developed while assessing the quality of research trials in various regions. Depending on the production area, sugarbeet variety trial tours generally last one to […]

Idaho Trial

Research is Key to Identifying New Seed Enhancements

Potential new seed enhancements for sugarbeet are entering the marketplace at a steady pace. Suppliers of these products often make unverified claims ranging from improved emergence and faster growth to improved yield and quality. Commonly these products, lack reliable research and include no statistical analysis. Often the claims are based on grower testimonials. Results based […]

Michigan Sugar Company Annual Variety Tour

Each year Michigan Sugar Company conducts its annual Official Sugarbeet Variety Tour (OVT) in “Thumb of Michigan”. This two-day event allows sugarbeet breeders and company personnel to evaluate variety research conducted by Michigan Sugar Company and Michigan State University Sugarbeet Advancement. Michigan’s variety evaluation program is somewhat unique compared to other areas. For varieties to […]

benefits of seed treatments

Determining the Benefits of Seed Treatments with Cyclops Imagery

Sugar beet research uses trials to determine when a variety, seed treatment, or chemical application is significant enough to be worth merit.  Data is collected in the spring with stand establishment and also when harvest occurs in the fall.  Trial data gathered is used to determine whether or not there are benefits of using a […]

Sugarbeet Field Trial

Sugarbeet Field Trials | Protocols

Developing new seed treatments is a lengthy process of identifying a product, trialing the results, and bringing the product to market.  Trialing is the process by which products are tested, sorted, and used to determine their value to customers.  The quality of sugarbeet field trials and the results are dependent on the use of correct […]