The Vital Role of Agronomists in Advancing Seed Treatment Innovation

In the realm of agriculture, where innovation meets practicality, the role of agronomists stands out as indispensable. Did you know Germains North America now has two Agronomists on our team? We are thrilled to have the support and expertise of our Commercial Agronomist, Jesus Camacho and R&D Agronomist, Margherita Zavatta. Among their many responsibilities, supporting […]

Field Trials Across the US Demonstrating Remarkable Stand Improvement with Ultim-ST

Organic growers cultivating corn, chickpeas, and peas have reason to celebrate as recent field trials in multiple states reveal exceptional results with ultim-ST. Developed as the ultimate solution for combating Pythium spp. and Metalaxyl-Resistant Pythium spp., this non-biological organic fungicide seed treatment has demonstrated remarkable stand improvement and yield potential. 2023 Ultim-ST Field Trial Locations […]

Idaho Trial

Research is Key to Identifying New Seed Enhancements

Potential new seed enhancements for sugarbeet are entering the marketplace at a steady pace. Suppliers of these products often make unverified claims ranging from improved emergence and faster growth to improved yield and quality. Commonly these products, lack reliable research and include no statistical analysis. Often the claims are based on grower testimonials. Results based […]

Seed Technologies Improve Sugarbeet Stand Establishment

In the last decade, new seed technologies have greatly improved sugarbeet stand establishment and plant spacing. Achieving the optimum population is the foundation when setting high yield goals. A thin stand will limit yield and quality potential. Too high of a population will increase harvest losses, in-row plant competition, and seed cost. By improving the […]

2017 Sugarbeet Variety Trials

Sugarbeet variety trials are used by sugar beet cooperatives to determine which varieties may be sold based on its growth performance in each region.  Every cooperative operates and manages their own trials to ensure their growers have sugar beet varieties that meet certain standards.  These measures include; disease and insect tolerance, yield potential, and sugar […]

Western Sugar Coorperative 2016 Variety Tours

Sugar beet cooperatives across the United States run trials to approve varieties for production by their growers.  These trials are used to identify varieties that meet certain standards.  These standards include; yield, sugar content, and disease resistance traits.  Each growing area has its own rules and requirements that seed companies need to achieve for varieties […]

benefits of seed treatments

Determining the Benefits of Seed Treatments with Cyclops Imagery

Sugar beet research uses trials to determine when a variety, seed treatment, or chemical application is significant enough to be worth merit.  Data is collected in the spring with stand establishment and also when harvest occurs in the fall.  Trial data gathered is used to determine whether or not there are benefits of using a […]