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Conventional and Organic Seed Treatments

Specializing in seed priming, pelleting, filmcoating, health and polymers; our team of industry experts are here to work in collaboration with you to provide seed treatments that are appropriate for your crops, cultivation practices, and environmental conditions. Our seed treatments deliver value throughout the seed supply chain that ultimately helps both conventional and organic growers improve their crop’s performance in the field or greenhouse.

Our dedicated team is always available to discuss our full portfolio of seed treatments and to help you understand how we can maximize your seed’s potential. Contact us today!

Maximizing Natures Potential since 1871

Founded in 1871, Germains Seed Technology began developing solutions to maximize the yield of sugar beet nearly a century ago. Germains revolutionised how sugar beet was planted by introducing one of the first seed pellet technologies to the agriculture industry. Our in-depth knowledge of the sugar beet industry has allowed Germains to invest in and diversify our portfolio.

Today, Germains Seed Technology is committed to delivering industry-leading innovative seed technologies for sugar beet, vegetable and flower seed producers and growers globally.

Sugar Beet

For nearly over a century, Germains remains the industry-leader of sugar beet seed technologies offering many benefits to growers around the world.

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