Seed Disinfection

Black rot seed disinfeciton

Black Rot Seed Disinfection is Now Available

Black rot is a seed-borne disease that affects plants in the Brassicaceae family, including vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and kale. The disease is commonly known as black rot but is caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris. This devastating pathogen can survive in infected seeds and plant debris. The first tactic for […]

organic seed disinfection

Organic & Conventional Carrot Seed Disinfection Now Available!

Is your carrot crop suffering from seed-borne diseases such as Xanthomonas? Look no further. Germains Seed Technology now offers both a conventional and organic option for carrot seed disinfection. The impact of seed-borne diseases in vegetable crops has long been ignored. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be an unsuspected menace within your seed yet have […]

Raw Untreaded Seed vs Gopure Treated Spinach Seed

Why is seed cleaning important?

The seed supply chain is a complex system that spans across the globe which many seeds travel across several international borders or from fields around the world before planted by the end user: the commercial grower. Tomatoes seed production, for example, may circulate between five different countries before being planted in its final destination. Each […]

spinach seed treatments

Spinach Seed Treatments for Verticillium or Fusarium

Are you looking for spinach seed treatments for Verticillium or Fusarium?  Our Sales Account Managers here at our Germains Gilroy location are receiving reports of an increase of infection for these diseases in spinach production throughout California.  The incredibly warm mild winter may be playing a part in the rise of these fungal pathogens in […]

Organic Seed Disinfection

Organic Seed Disinfection for Bacterial Leaf Spot

For growers producing organic baby leaf crops, organic seed disinfection helps prevent the spread of bacterial diseases which can spread rapidly causing devastating results. In addition, harvesting clean, organic, pathogen-free seed is another challenge for both seed producers and growers. Short of discarding the seed or accepting a decline in harvest quality, organic growers have […]