Gift of Giving

ASTA 2020 Gift of Giving to Help Fight Hunger

Did you know that with just $10, you can provide a community in need with enough seed to produce 500 to 1000 vegetable servings or with essential garden tools for growing food? 

We invite you to redeem your donation card to one of the following projects managed by Seed Programs International. By redeeming your $10 donation card compliments of Germains Seed Technology, you direct the necessary funds to support projects of your choice. By redeeming your donation card, you are helping SPI to achieve their mission of providing good quality seed, expertise, and training materials to humanitarian organizations working around the world to alleviate hunger and poverty.

How to Redeem Your Donation Card

Step 1

To redeem your donation card, select one of the following projects you would like to support and click Give Now:

Seeds and Skills for Women to Grow Vegetables

Give Now

Seeds and Support for School Gardens Worldwide

Give Now

Step 2

Once you decide which project to support, click on the $10 donation tier.

Step 3

Below the total amount of your donation, then select redeem gift card and enter code, do not include the # enter the numbers that follow, then complete transaction.

Germains Seed Technology is committed to conducting our business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to the local and global communities that support us. Germains continues to be a proud sponsor of ASTA annual Vegetable and Flower Conference distributing hospitality gifts to those who attend. This year we are giving ASTA Vegetable and Flower conference attendees the gift of giving in alliance with Seed Programs International (SPI).   

Who is SPI?

Seed Programs International (SPI) is a non-profit, tax exempt, non-governmental humanitarian organization. SPI works thorough other humanitarian organizations, church groups, service clubs and individual donors, to provide quality seed to impoverished communities in developing countries enabling them to grow some of their own food. In addition to seed, SPI provides critical seed expertise and experience operating seed-based self-help programs.

Thank you for participating in Germains’ ASTA 2020 Vegetable and Flower Conference Gift of Giving Campaign! See you next year!