3 Day Emergence with OxyKote Heavy Split Pellet

Best Seed Pellets for Precision Seeders and Automated Transplanters

Precision seeders and automated transplanters are the industry buzz words these days as growers face the challenge of improving efficiency and productivity in their operations. Whether you are considering using mechanical transplanter methods such a Plant Tape or direct sowing with a precision seeder such as an air planter, selecting the right seed treatment will […]

Sugarbeet Planters

Advancements in Sugarbeet Planters Improve Seed Spacing and Emergence

In the last ten years, engineering advancements in sugarbeet planters have significantly improved seed spacing and emergence. Technical advancements have become more critical as plant populations, and seed cost has increased considerably. With high plant populations, it becomes more important to equidistantly space seed to minimize in row plant competition. It is equally important to […]

Seed pellets

Why Use Seed Treatments?

If you are in the process of planning your summer planting schedule, you may be trying to cut costs and ask yourself; why use seed treatments? Are seed treatments an input you can reduce to save money to help your profitability? Seed treatments such as priming, pelleting, and filmcoating are some of the lowest cost […]

How We Engage in Social Sustainability

As the world population continues to increase so does the need for social sustainability. As a subsidiary of AB Sugar network of business across the globe, Germains strives to be in alliance with AB Sugar’s Social Sustainability Values. Global Mind, Local Champions is framed within three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Each of […]