Strong roots deliver strong transplants.

Propellet elite is a targeted, precise approach for enhancing seed genetics for optimal seedling establishment. By adding essential micronutrients to the pellet, the seed’s radical begins to absorb nutrients as soon as it emerges, helping to strengthen the seedling root and foliage mass to withstand the field transplant process.

Key benefits

  • Promotes vigorous canopy development
  • Enhances root development
  • Aids early plant development, so seedlings
    withstand transport and field transplanting
  • Improves stand counts to increase yield potential

Propellet elite is an innovative solution to a grower’s problem

Propellet elite product development began with a single customer inquiry. A commercial celery grower was experiencing crop loss when transporting seedlings from the greenhouse to the field. The customer contacted Germains to see if a seed technology could be developed to improve celery seedling vigor and root mass for transplanting. Based on the grower’s circumstances, Germains’ Research and Development team customized an existing seed pellet by combining it with beneficial health products that deliver stronger roots and canopy vigor to improve the crop’s overall performance from transplant to harvest.

ProPellet elite Trial Data

Product summary

Since 2014, propellet elite continues to aid the successful establishment of thousands of acres of celery each year. Due to grower recognition of its beneficial properties and the need for cost-effective solutions to enhance seed performance in the greenhouse and the field, the elite seed technology is now available as a pellet and filmcoat for carrots, jalapenos, and tomatillos.

This conventional seed technology enables jalapenos and tomatillo growers to bypass transplanting and direct sow into the field to save on transplant costs. Carrots, jalapenos, and tomatillos thrive in the field when planted with nutrient-rich propellet elite and filmcoat elite. Ask a Germains representative for more information!

Species availability:
Carrot, Celery, Jalapeno, Tomatillo