Spray Techniques for Sugarbeet Leafspot Control

Best Spray Techniques for Sugarbeet Leafspot Control

Spray equipment has become an essential tool for farms today. Sugarbeet producers may apply eight or more applications of materials to a single crop. Proper setup and operation of sprayers is critical for effective disease, weed control, and nutrient applications. Michigan Sugar Company recently completed a series of four sprayer clinics for growers and agribusiness. […]

American Sugarbeet Growers Association Annual Meeting

American Sugarbeet Growers Association 2019 Annual Meeting

The American Sugarbeet Growers Association Annual Meeting was held in Scottsdale Arizona February 3-5. This event was attended by sugarbeet industry representatives from each production area in the USA. Attendees included state sugarbeet grower associations, Sugarbeet Cooperative board members and other industry representatives. Almost 400 individuals participate in conference themed: “Understanding the Issues That Impact […]

McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology

McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology

This past July at Bay City Michigan, McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology hosted its Beet Sugar Agricultural School. This event is designed for new agronomists and or for those that want a refresher course in sugarbeet production practices and physiology. The Beet Sugar Development Foundation coordinates this annual five-day event in different production areas. […]


Improvements in Sugarbeet Production Technologies

It has been exciting to watch the improvements in sugarbeet production technologies in the last 15 years. Growers are rapidly incorporating new technologies that are continuously being introduced. With the adoption of each new technology an incremental improvement in efficiency, yield and/or quality has occurred.  The impact of each technological change does vary greatly depending […]

2017 sugarbeet harvest

2017 Sugarbeet Harvest Report | North America

The 2017 sugarbeet harvest in the United States is wrapping up with mixed results.  The USDA’s sugar and sweeteners outlook for November lists Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon as states to see a drop in sugarbeet production in 2017 while Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado have all seen gains.  Each sugarbeet growing region faces variability […]

Michigan Sugar Company Annual Variety Tour

Each year Michigan Sugar Company conducts its annual Official Sugarbeet Variety Tour (OVT) in “Thumb of Michigan”. This two-day event allows sugarbeet breeders and company personnel to evaluate variety research conducted by Michigan Sugar Company and Michigan State University Sugarbeet Advancement. Michigan’s variety evaluation program is somewhat unique compared to other areas. For varieties to […]

Steve Poindexter Appointed as Sales Agronomist for Michigan Sugarbeet Market

Germains Seed Technology in excited to announce the appointment of Steve Poindexter as Sales Agronomist to their North American Sugarbeet Division in Fargo, North Dakota. Poindexter is a sugarbeet agronomist professional who served as a Senior Sugarbeet Extension Educator at Michigan State University for 20 years. In his role, Poindexter will focus on the Michigan […]

2017 Sugarbeet Variety Trials

Sugarbeet variety trials are used by sugar beet cooperatives to determine which varieties may be sold based on its growth performance in each region.  Every cooperative operates and manages their own trials to ensure their growers have sugar beet varieties that meet certain standards.  These measures include; disease and insect tolerance, yield potential, and sugar […]