What is Seed Priming?

Providing industry-leading innovative seed technology, Germains Seed Technology uses the latest biological tools and techniques, which provide value-added solutions to maximise the natural potential of seed in the field. Seed priming is one of the key technology categories we offer for a number of vegetable crops and sugar beet. But what exactly is priming, and how can you benefit from seed priming as a grower? It is important for producers to understand what seed priming is and the seed’s journey through the priming process.

Understanding the Process of Seed Priming

Seed priming is a process of regulating the germination process by managing the temperature and seed moisture content. The seed is taken through the first biochemical processes within the initial stages of germination. The priming process regulates the seed’s temperature and moisture content, bringing the seed closer to the point of germination. The process involves advancing the seed to an equal stage of the germination process to enable fast and uniform emergence when planted.

Standard Germination Process vs. Seed Priming Process | Vegetable Seed Priming available at Germains Seed Technology

Seed priming involves taking seeds through the early stages of the germination process. In the above chart, the green line corresponds to a standard germination process: during Phase 1 (imbibition), under suitable temperature and moisture, the seed takes up water. During Phase II, the biochemical processes are activated and will eventually start the germination in Phase III, where (roots and hypocotyls emerge from the seed. During priming, the seed is taken part way through Phase II and then dried before the root can emerge from the seed. Once conditions (temperature and moisture) are appropriate in the field, Phase III can continue, and uniform germination occurs in a much shorter time.

There are several benefits to seed priming, and they include:

• Faster speed of emergence
• Enables seed to germinate and emerge even under adverse agro-climatic conditions
• Improves uniformity to optimise harvesting efficiency
• Increases vigor for fast and strong plant development
• Increases yield potential


Unprimed left vs. Xbeet for Sugar Beet Priming right 

Seed Priming Options Offered by Germains Seed Technology

It is important to note that the seed priming process is specific to each species. Therefore, Germains Seed Technology European locations offer different priming options for vegetable seeds. Our standard range of priming processes available in Europe and the United States is called Emergis. Emergis seed treatments are available for a number of vegetable seed species. Emergis helps improve germination speed, provide a more uniform emergence, and promote earlier and stronger plant establishment. Also, Germains EU locations offer additional seed priming treatments, such as Tempo and Tempo hr. Our priming treatments are especially important for helping lettuce seeds overcome thermo and photo abiotic inhibition. Emergis® XV, specially formulated for spinach seed producers, is available in the U.S. and Europe.

Tempo seed priming vs raw seed

Tempo Seed Priming vs. Raw Seed

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