Crop Protection

Seed Treatment for Basil

Does your basil crop need protection from Fusarium, Helminthosporium, or Rhizoctonia? Germains Seed Technology now offers Maxim® 4FS as seed treatment for basil to help protect your crop from these fungal diseases upon emergence. Fungicide seed treatment for Basil Maxim® 4FS seed treatment is a broad spectrum non systemic conventional fungicide that offers early-season disease protection […]

NipsIt Protects Lettuce Crops from Aphids and Leaf Miners

If your lettuce fields are being impacted by aphid infestations, we suggest that you consider adding NipsIt as a filmcoat treatment to your primed and pelleted lettuce seeds before planting. Shimat V. Joseph, IPM Advisor, Cooperative Extension Monterey County recently published a report stating that Lettuce aphids are one of many insects that are threatening […]

Biological Seed Treatments for Vegetables

Whether you are practicing organic or conventional cultivation methods, biological seed treatments are playing an increased role in the field which includes .  In fact, recent studies note that more conventional growers are opting to incorporate softer biological chemistries for crop protection. Our certified organic biological seed treatments offer a broad spectrum of controls that […]