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McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology

McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology

This past July at Bay City Michigan, McGinnis Institute of Beet Sugar Technology hosted its Beet Sugar Agricultural School. This event is designed for new agronomists and or for those that want a refresher course in sugarbeet production practices and physiology. The Beet Sugar Development Foundation coordinates this annual five-day event in different production areas. […]

2017 sugarbeet harvest

2017 Sugarbeet Harvest Report | North America

The 2017 sugarbeet harvest in the United States is wrapping up with mixed results.  The USDA’s sugar and sweeteners outlook for November lists Idaho, Wyoming, and Oregon as states to see a drop in sugarbeet production in 2017 while Minnesota, North Dakota, Nebraska and Colorado have all seen gains.  Each sugarbeet growing region faces variability […]

Early or Prepile Sugarbeet Harvest

As summer starts to fade, sugar beet growers anticipate the harvest season.  Many sugar cooperatives throughout the country use early or prepile sugarbeet harvest as a management tool.  Early harvest ensures that the sugarbeet crop can be harvested so that the whole crop can be processed during the factories campaign.  The middle of August through […]

Improvements in sugarbeet production

Basics of Sugarbeet Seed Treatments for North America

Sugar Beet producers face many challenges, but one of the hardest challenges is getting a crop started properly. Seed treatments are a tool that a grower can use to overcome the challenges an emerging Sugar Beet crop faces. Germains Seed Technology provides many options for seed treatments to give the crop the best chance for […]

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Trending Topics | North America Sugarbeet Conference Season

Germains Seed Technology began developing solutions to maximize the yield of sugar beet in the 1960s. Germains revolutionized how sugar beet is planted by introducing one of the first seed pellet technologies to the U.S. sugar beet industry. Today our Fargo location continues to process hundred of thousands of pounds of sugarbeet seeds with Xbeet® […]