Seed Pellets

Sunflower Seed Treatments for Today’s Field Challenges

Germains Seed Technology utilizes state-of-the-art processes and research to develop seed treatments for sunflowers and other crops that improve plantability and crop performance. Prosun™ is a seed pellet scientifically formulated for sunflowers. This sunflower seed treatment does not affect germination or emergence. The smooth coating improves the seeds flow through precision air planters resulting in […]

Seed Treatments for Hemp

Seed Treatments for Hemp

As the industrial hemp industry continues to develop, Germains Seed Technology is collaborating with seed producers and growers in the development of innovative, value-added seed treatments for hemp. Germains strives to “Maximize Nature’s Potential” with seed treatments for several crops that enhance proper stand establishment that improves crop growth and profitability. In the most recent […]

Seed Buildups to Improve Seed Size

Whether you are a grower or seed breeder/producer, in the end, your seed size matters.  Seed buildups to improve seed size is an excellent especially for seed lots that are falling under the desirable number of seeds per lb. From a seed breeder’s perspective you likely want to hit a target number of seeds per […]