Sunflower Seed Treatments for Today’s Field Challenges

Germains Seed Technology utilizes state-of-the-art processes and research to develop seed treatments for sunflowers and other crops that improve plantability and crop performance. Prosun™ is a seed pellet scientifically formulated for sunflowers. This sunflower seed treatment does not affect germination or emergence. The smooth coating improves the seeds flow through precision air planters resulting in […]

Seed Buildups to Improve Seed Size

Whether you are a grower or seed breeder/producer, in the end, your seed size matters.  Seed buildups to improve seed size is an excellent especially for seed lots that are falling under the desirable number of seeds per lb. From a seed breeder’s perspective you likely want to hit a target number of seeds per […]

seed treatments for parsnip

Seed Treatments for Parsnip

Over the past decade, parsnip has seen a substantial increase in production value. Even the United States has seen an 11.17% increase in export per unit price. With the increase in demand, The USDA has set aside several standards of quality for parsnip: well-trimmed, fairly well-formed, smooth, and fairly clean. Parsnip plants have few pests […]

3 Day Emergence with OxyKote Heavy Split Pellet

Best Seed Pellets for Precision Seeders and Automated Transplanters

Precision seeders and automated transplanters are the industry buzz words these days as growers face the challenge of improving efficiency and productivity in their operations. Whether you are considering using mechanical transplanter methods such a Plant Tape or direct sowing with a precision seeder such as an air planter, selecting the right seed treatment will […]

Lettuce Seed Treatments for Desert Regions

Now is the time to start deciding on the type of lettuce seed treatments you will be planting and or distributing for the desert growing season.  For head lettuces, Germains offers two pellet options that are suitable for the desert growing conditions ProPellet® Heavy aka PPH® or OxyKote® for both conventional and organic cultivation practices. […]

tomato seed

What are the Best Seed Treatments for Tomatoes?

Germains Seed Technology offers some of the best seed treatments for tomatoes that help maximize your crop’s perfomance in the field or greenhouse. Our seed technologies help; singulate seeds at planting to reduce thinning or to help expedite the planting tray planting process, improve emergence and uniformity, and provide early crop protection that contributes to […]

What are the Best Seed Treatments for Lettuce in Rainy Growing Conditions?

With all of the rain that has impacted California’s growing region, you may be wondering; what are the best seed treatments for lettuce in rainy growing conditions? With unpredictable weather patterns, the threat of planting followed by potential surges of rain or flooding, and the potential of disease outbreaks due to extremely wet conditions; there […]

sunflower seed pellet

Sunflower Seed Pellet | Prosun™

Sunflower seeds vary in size with seeding rates that range from 15,000 to 25,000 seeds per acre.  The size of the seed can require you to make planter modifications such as buying new seed plates or finger pickups before planting your field. To help reduce the likelihood of having to make changes to your planter […]

Seed Treatments for Celery

Celery has a reputation for being a challenge to grow, especially when transferring seedlings from the greenhouse to the field. Our ProPellet® Elite seed treatment for celery was developed based on an inquiry we received from a customer.  Because they were losing plants in the transplant process, the commercial grower contacted Germains to inquire if […]

Is There a Difference Between Lettuce Seed Coatings?

For seventy years, Germains Seed Technology has earned the reputation for being the industry leader for seed coatings such seed pellets and encrustments.  Lettuce growers, who seek to achieve a more uniform stand, reduce the number of seeds used and time spent thinning fields opt to utilize seed coatings. Seed coatings offer many benefits including: […]