Sugarbeet Seed Priming

Xbeet® is our industry-leading 3rd generation sugarbeet seed priming technology. Until the launch of Xbeet plus in the United Kingdom, the UK market had 100% Xbeet treated sugar beet seed. 30% of the US market also uses Xbeet, and China and Europe are growth markets.

Xbeet is an insurance policy for your sugar beet crop. With unpredictable weather conditions, Xbeet works to enhance a sugarbeet seed’s potential in its early development, allowing it the strength to survive and thrive in its natural environment.

Key Benefits

  • Faster Speed of Emergence: To maximize the amount of sunlight captured by the crop
  • Increased Tolerance in Stressful Conditions: To protect against adverse weather conditions
  • Improved Uniformity: To optimize harvesting performance
  • Increased Yield: To increase income per hectare for the Grower

Sugarbeet seed priming

Sugarbeet Grower Testimonial

“It’s not a question of why use Xbeet, it has to be why not use Xbeet! I still can’t think of a reason why not to. With today’s knowledge base, it is vital to get sugar beets off to a rapid start so my crop can achieve a full canopy as soon as possible to give it the best chance to reach its full potential, and Xbeet does just that.”

Sugarbeet seed priming
sugarbeet seed priming
2004-2011 xbeet® Trials managed by Dr. Larry Smith
2004-2011 Xbeet® trials | Managed by Dr. Larry Smith University of Minnesota
2004-2010 Xbeet® Performance Summary
Xbeet® Soil Temperature Performance | Sugarbeet Data

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