ProBio gopure enhance is an upgraded certified organic disinfection process for Swiss chard that effectively reduces Bacterial Leaf Spot (Pseudomonas spp.) plus enhances multi-embryo genetics to maximize germination, improve yield, and reduce labor.

Key benefits:

  • Increases speed of emergence
  • Ideal for multi-embryo Swiss chard
  • Improves uniformity and early seedling vigor
  • Reduces Bacterial Leaf Spot < 350 CFU/ml
    extract obtained from a 30,000 seed sample
  • No impact on shelf life for a minimum of six months
  • Validated certified 3rd party pathology testing post-treatment
  • Microplastic free
ProBio gopure enhance

Post-harvest Swiss chard volunteers require more labor to weed and may contaminate harvest.

Trial summary

Three emergence trials were performed by different growers using three different varieties of Swiss Chard seeds disinfected with ProBio gopure and Probio gopure enhance.
All data was collected from 5.5 sq. foot sub-plots
N = 4 or 8 per treatment per variety per trial

Probio gopure enhance trial data

Grower feedback

All three third-party trials experienced a 20% – 30% improvement in emergence, significantly reduced pressure of Bacterial Leaf Spot, and yield increase.

In addition, growers reported the following benefits:

  • Improves uniformity in plant size
  • 3-5 days early emergence vs. ProBio gopure
  • Beneficial for conventional crops as well as organic
  • Dense canopy development helps to out-compete weeds
  • Helps to reduce post-harvest volunteers that drive up weed control labor costs
  • May decrease planting rate due to improved germination of multi-germ seed
  • Reduces post-harvest Swiss chard volunteers in following crop rotation
Probio gopure

Standard ProBio gopure disinfection is an excellent option for baby leaf production

Probio gopure enhance

ProBio gopure enhance is an upgraded disinfection process that helps crops develop a dense uniform canopy.

Species availability:
Swiss chard