Spinach Seed Treatments for Verticillium or Fusarium

Are you looking for spinach seed treatments for Verticillium or Fusarium?  Our Sales Account Managers here at our Germains Gilroy location are receiving reports of an increase of infection for these diseases in spinach production throughout California.  The incredibly warm mild winter may be playing a part in the rise of these fungal pathogens in spinach fields. Both pathogens can have a tremendously negative impact in the field, but the good news is that there are seed treatments that can help protect crops and reduce loss.

Spinach Seed Treatments for Verticillium or Fusarium

Germains offers the seed treatments for you to consider before planting your next crop:

Spinach Seed Treatment for Verticillium

Verticillium is a seed-borne fungal when introduce to the soil can lead to infections in other species such as lettuce. Gopure® powered by Rancona® Technology,  is proven to have strong efficacy against the seed-borne fungal pathogen Verticillium dalihae, and other soil fungal and seed pathogens. All this, and the additional benefits that seed technologies bring like speedier field emergence and more vigorous uniform seedlings, with the ability to cope with early season stress.

spinich seed treatments for verticillium or fusarium

Untreated spinach seed on left vs treated with gopure®

Key Benefits of gopure®

  • Near to no pathogen found on gopure® treated seed
  • Activity against soil borne pathogens
  • Compatible with Germains’ other technologies and other seed treatments

According to a report published in the APS Journals “Assays of 13 stock or commercial seed lots grown in 2002 and 62 commercial lots harvested in 2003 in Denmark, Holland, New Zealand, and the United States revealed the prevalence of Verticillium spp. in commercial spinach seed. Sixty-eight lots (89%) were infected with Verticillium spp. at incidences ranging from 0.3 to 84.8%.” Before distributing and or planting seeds in the field, be sure to have the seed tested to avoid infection in the field.  If the seed tests positive for Verticillium it can easily be disinfected with gopure® before planting.  Click here for more information about gopure®.

Spinach Seed Treatment for Fusarium and other diseases

We are experiencing a growing number of requests for a treatment to help control Fusarium.  Fusarium is a disease that occurs annually but can increase intensity in the summer months with ideal conditions.  Soil-borne fungal pathogens are being reported in all spinach growing regions in the world and can cause 100% crop loss.

spinach seed treatments

Improve Your Crop Performance with Seed Treatments

Syngenta’s FarMore®F300 is a fungicide seed treatment that includes three fungicidal components Apron XL® seed treatment fungicide, Maxim® 4FS seed treatment fungicide and Dynasty® seed treatment fungicide. The fungicidal treatment benefits include protection from Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Pythium, and general damping off.  Some growers are opting to add Mertec® to the spinach seed treatment for added protection.

If you are having issues with any of the seed or soil-borne pathogens noted in this article, please either contact your preferred seed distributor or Germains for more information about our seed treatments.   A small added cost to your seed may save you money in the long run.

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