A Leading Seed Technology Supplier

Germains is one of the world’s leading seed technology suppliers with facilities in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, and North America. We work closely with partners, stakeholders and customers to ensure long-term, sustainable and profitable growth. Based in Europe and North America, the seeds we treat are distributed worldwide.

Leading Seed Technology Supplier – What We Do

Founded in 1871, Germains Seed Technology develops innovative, industry-leading conventional and organic solutions for sugar beet, vegetables, and flower seeds. We specialize in a range of seed technologies including priming, pelleting, filmcoating and health. Our seed treatments offer a wide range of benefits to growers such as faster crop emergence, increased plant uniformity (allowing easier harvest), higher yields and better protection against a variety of diseases and pests. Using such technologies reduces the need for chemical spraying, controls dust release into the environment and also the amount of chemical required to treat crops.

Developing New Seed Treatments

Since the 1940s we have been pioneering the use of seed treatment technology for sugar beet. Working closely with seed companies, we have developed a range of products (Advantage® Xbeet® and Xbeet® plus) which increase crop yield by at least 10% compared with untreated seed. While continuing to invest in sugar beet and to maintain our strong position in the market, over the last five years, we have accelerated the development of our horticulture business which now accounts for 50% of our operations and covers a wide range of crops mainly lettuce, onion, celery and Swiss chard. Working closely with our customers, we continue to invest heavily in research and development (R&D) so we may deliver optimised and unique solutions.

Investing in the future

The increased focus on horticulture is driven by our significant R&D investment across Europe and North America. In 2012, an R&D centre was established in Enkhuizen, at the centre of the Dutch horticulture industry, the so-called ‘Seed Valley.’ In 2015, R&D capability was further enhanced with investment in the Norwich Research Park in the UK. Adjacent to many leading research institutions, this facility works predominantly on researching the molecular development of the seed to understand how it can be influenced by novel seed treatments.

A leading seed technology supplier
In 2017 we invested further in people and equipment in North America and Europe plus the addition of new Growth Rooms near our Kings Lynn facility in the UK. The Grow Rooms are controlled environment facilities which allow accelerated R&D activity and will further increase the speed to market of Germains’ new products.

Collaborative Partnerships

We believe the path to success is through open communication between parties within the seed and grower sectors of the agriculture industry so that we are working towards the same goal: innovative seed technology solutions that maximise your crop’s potential. We are always interested in collaborating with Companies, Groups or Individuals in the development of new seed technology solutions that add value through the supply chain. If you are experiencing seed related or field issues that may be solved with a new seed treatment we currently do not offer, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to discuss the potential opportunity for the collaborative development of new seed treatments. Click here to contact us.