Organic Seed Treatments: Is There Such a Thing?

When you think of seed treatments or seed technology, it is not likely that organic seed treatments come to mind.  Often most people associate seed treatments with agrochemicals and or conventional agriculture. As the demand for organic vegetables continues to climb, organic vegetable growers seek new and innovative cultivation methods and practices to help improve their productivity.  Since 2003, Germains Seed Technology has been developing and introducing new NOP-compliant organic seed treatments to the agriculture industry.

organic seed treatments

In 2003 Germains Seed Technology’s Gilroy location underwent the organic certification process and continues to maintain organic certification via Agricultural Services Certified Organic (ASCO). Germains’ certified organic seed treatment ProBio® brand reflects our commitment to meeting the ever-changing demands of today’s organic growers. Also, our organic seed treatments comply with the United States National Organic Program and are approved by Canada’s Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS).

Currently, Germains ProBio® certified organic seed treatment portfolio offers options for over 25 vegetable species.  Our organic seed treatment portfolio includes priming, pelleting, seed disinfection, and biologicals that help maximize your crop’s potential.

organic seed treatments

Certified organic seed treatments overview:

  1. Priming -ProBio® emergis® is a certified organic process that helps improve the speed of germination, provides a more uniform emergence, and promotes earlier and stronger plant establishment. Click Here for more information
  2. Pelleting – Germains offers five different types of organic seed pellet options that range in size, the percentage of build, formulated for each species and adapted for various planting devices. Click here for more information.
  3. Seed Disinfection – Seed borne pathogens can have a devastating impact on a crop, especially for baby leaf producers. ProBio® gopure® is an excellent option for growers who wish to avoid introducing pathogens such as Bacterial Leaf Spot from entering the field upon planting. Click here for more information
  4. Biologicals – Early crop protection plays a vital role in the overall health of your plants. NOP compliant biologicals such as T-22, Actinovate and Mycostop that can help protect emerging plants from soil-borne root rot and fungus. Click here for more information.

Our Research and Development team is actively developing new organic seed treatments that will be introduced to the market in the near future, so be sure to visit our website If you have any questions or don’t see a solution to a problem you are experiencing in the field, please contact our sales staff for further assistance.