2017 Sugarbeet Variety Trials

Sugarbeet variety trials are used by sugar beet cooperatives to determine which varieties may be sold based on its growth performance in each region.  Every cooperative operates and manages their own trials to ensure their growers have sugar beet varieties that meet certain standards.  These measures include; disease and insect tolerance, yield potential, and sugar quantity.  Trial tours are an opportunity for seed company representatives to monitor their varieties in the field throughout the growing season until the crop is harvested.

2017 Sugarbeet Variety Trials | Western Sugar and Wyoming Sugar Cooperative

Variety trials throughout the growing regions of Western Sugar and Wyoming Sugar Cooperatives tend to take place in July.  This year the tour started in Montana with a preview of two trials in the Billings growing region.  Next, the group drove to Wyoming where trials in Lovell and Powell areas were observed.

2017 sugarbeet variety trials

2017 Sugarbeet Variety Trials | Billings, Wyoming

Following the group moved on to Wyoming Sugar Cooperative located in Worland, Wyoming.  Wyoming Sugar conducted three variety trials; two located North of Worland and another just South of town.  It was apparent that fields which were gravity irrigation methods were struggling with disease compared to those watered with pivot irrigation. After finishing in Wyoming, the tour moved on to Nebraska.  Western Sugar only had one trial in north of Alliance Nebraska this year that met the quality standards required for data collection.

2017 sugarbeet variety trials

New Variety of Sugar Beet Exhibiting Unfavorable Performance | Worland, Wyoming

The tour concluded at a Fusarium trial located outside of Sterling, Colorado.  Because Fusarium resistance is important to the western growing region, the purpose of this particular trial was to sort out the genetics that are resistant to Fusarium. The Colorado portion of the tour included a total of four trials.

Attending the Western Sugar and Wyoming Sugar Variety Trial Tour is a great experience and opportunity for field staff and seed company personnel to see how sugar beet varieties perform throughout the growing western growing region.