Organic & Conventional Carrot Seed Disinfection Now Available!

Is your carrot crop suffering from seed-borne diseases such as Xanthomonas? Look no further. Germains Seed Technology now offers both a conventional and organic option for carrot seed disinfection. The impact of seed-borne diseases in vegetable crops has long been ignored. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be an unsuspected menace within your seed yet have a significant impact on your crop health.

organic seed disinfection

Not only can seed-borne pathogens affect seed storability, from emerging seedlings to harvest, or perhaps post-harvest crop rotations, seed-borne pathogens can create havoc for both seed producers and vegetable growers. Bacterial leaf blight caused by the bacterial pathogen Xanthomonas is a common disease for carrots, especially in areas with frequent rainfall and extensive overhead irrigation. Easily transferred by the seed into the field, symptoms begin to appear on the leaf margins starting as a small yellow spot that expands, turning brown to black with a yellow halo.

According to the UMass Extension Vegetable Program, until now the control recommendations were as follows:

  • Start with certified, disease-free seed or treat seed with hot water
  • Avoid overhead irrigation
  • Rotate field 2-3 years
  • Plow under infected crop debris after harvest

Conventional carrot seed disinfection – gopure®

Clearly, planting clean, healthy seeds is an essential first step to effectively managing bacterial leaf blight. Rather than use the traditional hot water, which may impact germ and shelf life, safely clean your seed with either of our disinfection options, gopure or ProBio gopure. Initially formulated for spinach seed disinfection, independent lab results conclude gopure is an effective solution for removing Xanthomonas from carrot seed without impacting germination or shelf life.

Organic carrot seed disinfection – ProBio® gopure®

ProBio gopure is an organic seed disinfection process that effectively removes seed-borne pathogens, like Pseudomonas from Swiss chard, beet, coriander, and kale seeds, and Xanthomonas from carrot seeds.

Benefits of Germains’ carrot seed disinfection

  • Significant reduction of Pseudomonas spp. and Xanthomonas spp.
  • Certified 3rd party pathology and germination testing for quality assurance
  • Certified organic seed process that disinfects seed without impacting shelf life or germination
  • May help reduce the unknown transfer of pathogenic organisms onto other crops and into the field
  • Removal of seed-borne pathogens improves overall crop health, helping to optimize yield

Both gopure and ProBio gopure are affordable options to clean your carrot seed of Xanthomonas without impacting germ effectively. Please contact us for more information and or to place an order.