Sunflower Seed Treatments for Today’s Field Challenges

Germains Seed Technology utilizes state-of-the-art processes and research to develop seed treatments for sunflowers and other crops that improve plantability and crop performance. Prosun™ is a seed pellet scientifically formulated for sunflowers. This sunflower seed treatment does not affect germination or emergence. The smooth coating improves the seeds flow through precision air planters resulting in improved seed placement.

Benefits of sunflower seed treatments

Sunflower seed treatments provide several benefits that can help enhance your yield potential. Since sunflower seeds are lightweight, Prosun™ provides added weight and uniform seed size that reduce off-target seed movement as the seed flows through the planter. By reducing skips and doubles, seed spacing is accurate upon planting. Two years of research conducted by North Dakota State University showed an approximate 1/3 rd reduction in skips and a 50% reduction in seed doubles (See Graph).

Accurate seed spacing reduces in row competition allowing for more consistent growth throughout the field. Precise field spacing can improve weed, disease, and insect management when applying crop protection products and or mechanical control methods. Uniform stands generally help crops mature evenly optimizing yield.

Optimize your crop with prosun™

Are you concerned about making sure your seed retains crop protection treatments upon planting? Prosun’s slick finish with minimal dust off ensures emerging seeds get the protection they need. Formulated for effective chemical binding to minimize dust off, seeds stacked with Prosun and your preferred insecticide or fungicide retain the treatment as it moves through the planting process. Safety is always our top concern; therefore, the reduction of dust not only protects your crop but your field operator by reducing inhalation exposure.

Third-party field trial results conclude that the Prosun seed coating is also beneficial to yield! Three trials conducted by North Dakota University resulted in an average 10.7% yield improvement with the Prosun seed coating compared to raw seed. Keep in mind that the increased revenue generated is dependent on your average yields and current crop prices, but the benefits of planting treated seed can be significant. Data following represents two varieties tested at each of the three trials. All sizes from the same seed field with no difference in oil content, moisture, or test weight observed.

Please contact your preferred seed distributor about our sunflower seed treatments or click here to contact Kevin Bigger at Germains Seed Technology for more information for trial and or sales information.