Video Captures Germains’ Sugarbeet Seed Processing

Germains Seed Technology is pleased to present this new video that takes you through the journey of sugarbeet seeds as they are processed by our production plants. Our new video primarily focuses on Germains’ Kings Lynn processing plant, yet sugar beet seeds processed at our plant in Fargo, North Dakota is quite similar.

Improve Your Sugarbeet Yields

Presented at recent UK events, the video displays the various stages involved in providing value added solutions such as xbeet®.  Xbeet® seed priming works to enhance a seed’s potentials in its early development, allowing the seedling to strengthen so that it will thrive in its natural environment.  Key benefits of xbeet® include; faster speed of emergence, increased tolerance to abiotic stresses, improved uniformity, and increased yields.


Improve Yields with xbeet® | Improve your Harvest with Seed Priming
For three generations, Germains Seed Technology has been providing the Sugar Beet Industry with seed priming technology.  Until the launch of xbeet® plus, 100% of all the sugar beet seed planted in the United Kingdom was treated with xbeet®.  For more information about how you can maximize your crops potential with xbeet® please contact our North America Sugar Beet Sales Manager, Kevin Bigger.