ProBio® gopure® |Organic Seed Disinfection for Bacterial Pathogens

Germains Seed Technology recently introduced ProBio® gopure®, a new organic seed disinfection process that removes bacterial seed-borne pathogens such as Bacterial Leaf Spot from Swiss chard, red beet, and coriander seeds.

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Organic Seed Disinfection Process Certified Organic by ASCO

With organic certification, ProBio® gopure® results in significant reduction in Pseudomonas syringae pv.aptata [Bacterial Leaf Spot] from Swiss chard and beet seeds, and Pseudomonas syringae pv. coriandricola from coriander seeds. It may also help reduce the transfer of pathogenic organisms onto other crops and the field.

ProBio® gopure® was developed by Germains as a custom solution for an organic grower who had 100,000 pounds of Swiss chard seed that had been contaminated with a seed-borne bacterial disease. The Research and Development Team in Gilroy, California collaborated with the customer to formulate an effective certified organic disinfection process now known as ProBio® gopure®.

Swiss chard seeds planted in this field are virtually free from Bacterial Leaf Spot | San Juan Batista, CA

Finding a Solution for Today’s Organic Growers

Dale Krolikowski, Director of Operations and Research of Germains Seed Technology said, “Harvesting clean, pathogen-free seed has always been a challenge for organic seed producers and growers. And without effective treatment to prevent the spread of diseases, an infection of bacterial leaf spot (Pseudomonas spp.) can cause complete crop failure in organic baby leaf crops. ProBio® gopure® is an innovative solution developed to solve a real problem for organic growers.”

Organic Trends in the United States

As consumers learn more about the benefits of a healthy diet bolstered by a vitamin-rich leafy greens, consumer demand for organic produce has grown significantly. The United States is the largest single organic market in the world, with over 3 million acres of certified organic cropland in the United States (according to USDA 2014 production data). Canada and Mexico have also seen dramatic growth in organic production in recent years.

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