Vegetable Growers Connect | Innovative Approach to Events

In 2012, Meister Media publisher of one of the U.S. agriculture industry leading magazines American Vegetable Grower was considering hosting an annual conference for both vegetable and fruit growers. Rather than developing a traditional conference that competes with other industry events, Meister Media took a new approach to developing an event that targets major vegetable growers and suppliers.

veg connect

Vegetable Growers Connect a New Approach

The 2nd Annual Vegetable Grower Connect scheduled for November 18th-21st is a unique event that brings the top decision makers of some of the largest vegetable growing operations together with major agriculture supply companies. Growers and suppliers are matched based on products and interests then scheduled for 50-minute meetings over a two-day period of time. Similar to the concept of speed dating but for a longer duration, major suppliers review the growers profiles in advance so that they may present the growers with information specifically tailored to the growers interests and specific needs to help them improve their operations.

Here’s What Industry Leaders Have to Say

According to the following video produced by Meister Media, Vegetable Growers Connect is an effective way to share information and to develop lasting business relationships.


The two-day event will be hosted at the Rancho Bernardo Inn in San Diego, California. Germains representatives Bobby Garcia, Charlie Cain and Dale Krolikowski will be onsite and are looking forward to connecting with some of the largest vegetable growers in the U.S.