Seed Treatments for Celery

Celery has a reputation for being a challenge to grow, especially when transferring seedlings from the greenhouse to the field. Our ProPellet® Elite seed treatment for celery was developed based on an inquiry we received from a customer.  Because they were losing plants in the transplant process, the commercial grower contacted Germains to inquire if a seed technology could be developed to improve the vigor and root mass of the seedlings.  Rather than looking for a new variety, they hoped that a seed treatment could improve the celery variety so that it would have better odds of surviving the transplant process. Why not explore improving the performance of a preferred celery variety with seed technology?
seed treatments for celery

In partnership with the grower, our R&D team developed ProPellet® Elite seed treatment for celery. ProPellet® Elite is a stacked seed technology that combines pellet and health products that deliver stronger roots and vigor to improve the celery seed’s overall performance from transplant to harvest.  By adding ProPellet® Elite to the grower’s preferred celery variety, the transplant problem was solved.

PPL Elite Trial Data

Not only did the seed technology save the producer the time and money it would have taken him to find and trial new varieties of celery, but he was also able to continue to cultivate the same variety he knows and has been growing for several seasons. Since it’s introduction in 2013, ProPellet® Elite continues to provide value added benefits to growers.

Seed Treatment for Celery | ProPellet® Elite Benefits:

  • Larger seedlings with increased foliage
  • Enhanced root development for easier transplant production
  • Improved vigor for better stand during transportation to the field
  • Increased yield potential

As you can see by the following photo, the ProPellet® Elite treatment on the left’s root system and foliar mass is by far more developed than the untreated plant on the right.

Seed treatments for celery | Propellet Elite

ProPellet® Elite vs. Untreated

Other Seed Treatments for Celery

Germains offers other seed treatments for celery such as hot water and Thiram for disease controls along with ProBio® PPL®Mini pelleting for organic growers.  Since introducing ProPellet® Elite in 2013 with extensive commercial trials, this seed treatment has been quickly adopted as the preferred seed treatment for celery by reputable growers and breeders in the United States.

Seed Treatments Developed Through Collaborative Partnerships

Like other innovative seed treatments we offer, ProPellet Elite is an excellent example of how we continuously work to improve our products and services through collaborative customer relationships.  If you are experiencing challenges with your vegetable crops, we encourage you to contact us to see if there may be an existing seed treatment available. If not, this may be an opportunity for us to collaborate on developing a new seed technology.

For more information about our seed technologies contact our Sales Team or visit our website for more information about our seed coatings and treatments.