Seed Treatments for Broccoli and other Brassicas

Whether you are using conventional or organic cultivation methods, Germains offers a few different seed treatments for broccoli, cabbage, kale, and cauliflower. When applied, seed treatments for brassicas can not only help your crops overall performance but can protect your seedlings before emergence.  The following are a few seed treatment options for you to select from for your next growing season.

Seed Treamtents for Broccoli and other Brassicas


If you have a great variety you are currently growing a variety that has all the right traits but could improve on the speed of emergence and or uniformity; priming may be an affordable option for you to consider. Germains emergis® seed priming enhances the speed of emergence, uniformity, earlier crop development which may increase final field stands. At this time, emergis® is only available as a conventional treatment for broccoli.

seed treatments for broccoli

Improve Uniformity with Seed Priming | Germains Seed Technology


Planting always poses its challenges.  If you want to overcome duplicate plantings, improve singulation, and or add crop protection to your seed, then you may want to consider applying a seed pellet to your seed. ProPellet® Maxi pellets are available for broccoli, kale, and cabbage.  When placing your order, keep in mind that you may combine/stack seed pellets with other treatments such as priming and crop protection.  Conventional and organic are available on a species by species basis.


The filmcoating is a seed treatment process that encases the active ingredients within a thin film of binding materials that improves handling and reduces dust off for end users. The filmcoat binders keep the material where it belongs, on the seed. Because the agro-chemicals are placed directly on the seed or pellet, the filmcoat will provide the disease protection it was developed to control. The benefits of the selected agrochemicals begin working at pre-emergence vs. having to wait for spray applications after planting.

Filmcoating may be applied to raw seed; however, specific pesticides do require them to be added as far aways from the seed as possible to limit phytotoxicity. Some chemicals may cause damage when applied directly to the seed. Under these circumstances, Germains will, therefore, apply the agrochemical to the exterior finish of the customer’s selected seed pellet as a filmcoat.

Germains offers the following crop protection seed treatments for brassicas:

Conventional Crop Protection Organic Crop Protection
Coronet® – fungicide

FarMore® F300 – fungicide

FarMore® FI400 – fungicide/insecticide

Meteor® – fungicide

Maxim® – fungicide

NipsIT® – insecticide (CA/AZ only)

Thiram – fungicide

Actinovate® – fungicide

Mycostop® – insecticide

T-22® – fungicide

Hot Water Treatment

At this time we do offer hot water treatment for kale, broccoli, and cabbage.  However it should be noted that hot water treatments require a minimum of a ½ lb of seed for processing keeping in mind that this treatment may reduce the shelf life of your seed once treated.

Please speak with you preferred seed dealer regarding the seed treatment options that are available for brassicas and or contact us directly for more information.