How to Help Seedlings Survive the Transplant Process

Figuring out how to help seedlings survive the transplant process between the greenhouse and the field can be a challenge. You may be growing a variety of Jalapeno and or Celery that has terrific yield and quality but experience plant loss when you conduct the transplant process in the field. Insufficient root ball mass or weak plant stalk can cause the plants to die when pulled from the tray to the soil. Alternatively, you may experience plants that do not have enough leaf canopy in the later phase of maturity to protect your jalapeno fruit; therefore, you are losing yield due to sunscald.

A few years ago, Germains Seed Technology was approached by commercial celery producers who were experiencing this problem with plant loss after transplanting. They were pleased with Germains hot water treatments and PPL Mini seed pellets but wanted to take it a step further to see what else was possible with seed technology that would enhance root growth and canopy development.

How to Help Seedlings Survive the Transplant Process

Germains Commercial and R&D teams worked together to develop the Elite seed treatment product line to improve seedling nutrient uptake to support early plant development that results in larger foliar and root mass to help improve yield. Essentially the Elite product category is Germains upgrade of standard filmcoating and pelleting treatments that are scientifically formulated for each species developmental needs.

ProPellet® elite for Celery 

ProPellet® elite seed pellet technology was developed explicitly for celery. ProPellet® elite enhances the seeds performance in transplant production. ProPellet® elite is a stacked seed technology that combines seed pelleting and health products that deliver stronger roots and vigor to improve the crop’s overall performance from transplant to harvest.
Key Benefits:

  1. Larger seedlings with increased stalk and foliage
  2. Enhanced root development for easier transplant production
  3. Improved vigor for better stand during transportation from greenhouse to the field
  4. Increased yield potential

Filmcoat elite for Jalapeno

Compared with seed treated with only a film-coat with Thiram, grower trials demonstrate that jalapenos treated with Filmcoat elite and Thiram develop more roots, stronger plant structure, vigorous plant canopy to protect fruit from sunscald, and a continued onset of flowers after the first harvest. Filmcoat elite is compatible with emergis® priming, thiram, and other crop protection seed treatments.
Key Benefits:

  1. Vigorous leaf canopy growth: Protect fruit from sunscald, optimizing plants for multiple harvests
  2. Larger seedlings with increased foliage: Improve plants ability to withstand the transplant process
  3. Enhanced root development: Strengthen plants for growth in harsh growing conditions
  4. Increased yield potential: Benefit for the Growers

More about Germains Research & Development

Based on the grower or seed producer circumstances, Germains’ Research and Development and Commercial teams work in tandem to create customized seed treatments that are solutions for crop production problems in the field. Whether it be disinfecting seed so that it may be commercially viable and or developing a seed treatment that improves crop productivity, Germains Seed Technology delivers innovative solutions for agriculture producers worldwide. If you are experiencing a problem that you think may be resolved with a seed treatment, please click here to email us details about your situation. Our Commercial team will be in touch with you to gather information and advise you that we may have a New Product Development project in the works.