Germains Launches New Website | Serving Customers Worldwide

Germains is proud to announce the launch of its new website Our new website was specifically designed to be interactive, engaging and to make it easier for our customers to research and gather information about Germains’ seed technology solutions for your particular crops and cultivation practices.

New Website Features Include…

Information by Region

Germains now has two website formats: Europe and North America. Select a region, so that you may preview products that are available for your location.Germains Regions

News Articles & Industry Updates

Keep updated with on-going news, seed technologies, events and industry updates on our News page.

Educational Resource

Videos and information that help educated growers about the processing involved with priming, pelleting and filmcoating sugar beet seeds and trial information.

Seed Techonology

Xbeet®  plus Value Calculator

Calculate your potential increase in profits and yield per acre when planting seeds treated with Xbeet® plus technology.

Xbeet Plus Calculator

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Click here to Subscribe to our new website today to receive regular updates about the sugar beet industry, trial announcements and grower events! There are several other new features not listed, so please take a moment to explore all that our website has to offer. Our goal is to continue to add content to the site so that it becomes a resource of seed technology information that will be useful for our customers.