Ultim®-ST is a groundbreaking solution, offering protection against multiple species of Pythium spp. including metalaxyl-resistant Pythium spp.

What is Pythium?

In the U.S., Pythium is estimated to cost $25 million each year in corn losses alone.(1)

This pathogen does not discriminate; it affects a wide range of crops resulting in compromised root development, diminished plant stands, stunting, damping-off, and ultimately, a significant reduction in yield potential.

 The Pythium Problem 

While each of the 180 species (spp.) has their own optimum conditions, most thrive in cooler, wetter environments.

Once infected, seedlings may exhibit visible lesions, root discoloration, and, in severe cases, collapse and die. It is common for seeds to not emerge at all in fields with high Pythium pressure.

The Solution

Ultim-ST  is a registered fungicide used as a seed treatment in laboratory and field trials that have proven ultim-ST consistently enhances emergence rates, improves plant vigor, and establishes healthier plant stands.

Proven Efficacy

Backed by extensive laboratory and field trials, ultim-ST, in the presence of Pythium, consistently delivers high-count emergence and thicker, healthier plant stands.

Flexibility In Application

Navigating the logistical challenges and expenses encountered by growers and the seed industry in the seed treatment process can be complex and costly. In response, Germains introduces ultim-ST as a custom blend seed solution, offering flexibility to purchase for on-site seed treatment application or a seed treatment applied by Germains Seed Technology. Our dedication to delivering efficient, convenient, and customized seed treatment solutions is embodied in our custom blends that include ultim-ST.

The Technology

Third-Party Field Trials

Third-party trials indicate that when seeds are planted in soils with Pythium spp. pressure, ultim-ST gives a clear and significant advantage over untreated seeds and metalaxyl-treated seeds, delivering emergence comparable to other chemistries. However, when no Pythium spp. are present at the planting time, there is no difference between ultim-ST or untreated control. Map depicts trial sites by year.

Emergence Trial Results

ultim-ST Emergence Performance Chart Peas
ultim-ST Emergence Performance Chart Corn
ultim-ST Emergence Performance Chart Wheat
ultim-ST Emergence Performance Chart Bean

Further Information


Approvals & Registrations

Registered for use on peas, corn, beans, chickpeas, peanuts, spinach, soybeans, and wheat! Approved for export to Canada and Mexico.

State registrations are as follows: CA, AL, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, OH, OR, MI, MO, MN, MT, NC, ND, NH, NE, NJ, NY, SD, WA, WI, and VT. Pending: ME.
(EPA Reg. No. 92690-1), U.S. Patent 62/450,020

Disclaimer: Always follow label instructions and adhere to regulatory requirements.

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