Seminis Brassicas Idea Exchange Event

Germains Teams Up with Seminis for Brassicas Ideas Exchange Event

Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc. (Seminis), known for its innovation, brings growers a new experiential event with its Seminis Brassicas Idea Exchange Event (iX) May 16-17, 2018, in San Juan Bautista, Calif. The event is a reinvention of Seminis’ traditional field day, taking a holistic approach to growers’ operations by providing them with industry-leading insights, solutions and networking opportunities that extend well beyond their seed.

Seminis Brassicas Idea Exchange Event

Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc

“While Seminis is always committed to bringing our customers the latest innovations in seed technology, we also understand success for our growers’ operations relies on more than just the seed itself,” says Russell Morgan, Regional Market Development Representative, Seminis. “That is why we created iX. The Brassicas iX event brings growers and industry experts together to encourage collaboration, identify new opportunities, and address challenges growers face on any given day in any given season. In turn, this interaction fuels the future of the vegetable industry.”

Seminis Brassicas Idea Exchange Event Details

The Brassicas iX event will feature a full agenda that includes five core components devoted to finding and creating solutions for growers, including:

  • A Solutions Station — Highlighting the latest innovations in today’s vegetable operations, including data/analytical driven technologies and new ideas, technologies and industry-leading practices.
  • Broccoli Block and Evolution Wheel — Educating the evolution of Brassicas, the shift in global breeding efforts, changing industry interests and the future of consumer demand. Demonstration will show varieties from the past 30 years’ side-by-side to those of today.
  • Innovative Partner Breakouts — Featuring insights and innovations from Agribotix LLC, Germains Seed Technology, Sentek Technologies, and Waypoint Analytical Laboratories, Inc..
  • Agronomic Growing Practices — Stimulating ideas to improve current practices by bringing in solutions and innovations from around the globe.
  • Exploring Better Seed Health and Vegetable Quality — Reviewing market trends, consumer preferences (including taste and flavor demands), and live harvesting demonstrations/tips for creating efficiencies.

Seminis Seed Innovations

Though the iX event will offer additional industry insight and operations solutions, growers will still be able to learn more about the latest product innovations from Seminis. Growers will be introduced to premium varieties that help them realize increased harvest efficiencies like harvest uniformity, first cut harvest and harvest recovery with feature traits like exerted crowns, clean stalks and easy-to-trim stems.

“Farming is multidimensional and complex, so one solution doesn’t fit all,” said Kevin Walsh, Global Technology Development Lead for Recommendations and Support, Seminis. “The Brassicas iX Event starts a conversation between industry experts and growers so they can share information and work toward a common goal of responding to consumer demand, improving efficiency and yield, and increasing profit potential. This is only the first of what we hope will be many collaborative Seminis events.”

To learn more about the Seminis Brassicas iX event or other upcoming Seminis events, growers can contact their local Seminis representative. For more information about Seminis or to locate a dealer or distributor close to you, visit the Seminis website.