Kids Get Educated About Seed Pelleting at Salinas Farm Day

For the past two years, Germains Seed Technology has had the privilege to participate in the Salinas Farm Day event hosted by Monterey County Agriculture Education.  At no cost to the schools, 6,500 third graders who reside in Monterey County are invited to attend the Farm Day event.

About the Salinas Farm Day

Salinas Farm Day

Seed Pelleting Display at Salinas Farm Day

The Farm Day Experience provides basic, current facts about the agriculture industry while providing vital information about the origins of food and how it is produced. Operated by a tremendous number of volunteers, the Salinas Farm Day also gives the area’s agriculture industry the opportunity to interact with hundreds of excited children who in the future may opt to seek a career in agriculture. Hands-on educational activities related to agriculture are an excellent way to engage their impressionable minds.

The Importance of Seed Pelleting

Salinas Farm Day

Over 300 ChildrenLearned About Seed Pelleting | Salinas Farm Day event

Our Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Stacy Hasegawa and Quality Control Manager Kimberly Takacs, teamed up to create an interactive seed display that was a hit amongst the kids and chaperones.  No one could resist the large bowls filled with colorful pelleted and raw onion, lettuce, carrot, and tomato seeds.  The purpose of the display was to help the audience understand why seeds are pelleted and the evolution of seed planting techniques utilized by today’s vegetable growers.

Salinas Farm Day

Learning the Benefits of Planting Pelleted Seed vs. Raw Seed

In addition, students were given the opportunity to participate in a seed planting exercise. Half the group was provided raw seed, and the other half was provided with pelleted seed.  The objective of the activity was for students to drop one seed in every cell of the seed tray in three minutes or less. Our goal was to help them understand how seed pelleting speeds up the planting process and the importance of plant spacing.

Educating End Consumers About Seed Technology

Because the general public knows very little about the seed industry, let alone seed treatments, they were quite surprised to learn about seed technologies and their benefits while having a great time submerging their hands in the giant bowls of seed.

Salinas Farm Day

Number One Lesson: Seed Pellets Are Not Candy! Farm Safety Education

For More Information

For more information about the Farm Day events schedule in the future, please visit their website We look forward to participating in future Farm Day events.