NipsIt Protects Lettuce Crops from Aphids and Leaf Miners

If your lettuce fields are being impacted by aphid infestations, we suggest that you consider adding NipsIt as a filmcoat treatment to your primed and pelleted lettuce seeds before planting. Shimat V. Joseph, IPM Advisor, Cooperative Extension Monterey County recently published a report stating that Lettuce aphids are one of many insects that are threatening California grower’s productivity this 2017 season. Late and heavy rains along with mild temperatures may be contributing to insect and weed infestations. Lettuce fields in the Salinas Valley and central coastal regions are experiencing pressure from Lettuce aphids, green peach, and foxglove aphids.

Benefits of NipsIt® Seed Treatment

NipsIt Vegetables provides lettuce growers with seed-applied protection against leaf miner (suppression), red lettuce aphid and green peach in full season lettuce. According to its manufacturer Valent U.S.A, the benefits include:

  1. Simplicity – your lettuce seed comes complete with an effective insecticide that protects your seedlings from important sucking and chewing insects such as leaf miner (from planting to thinning) and aphids (from planting to mid-season).
  2. More vigorous growth – protection of tender seedlings against leaf miner (suppression) damage means a stronger and healthier plant throughout the season.
  3. Season-long productivity – seedlings are protected from insects, enhancing uniformity which provides production efficiencies all the way through harvest.

Protect Lettuce Crops from Aphids and Leaf Miners with Nipsit

If you are interested in treating your seeds with NipsIt, The following is Germains Frequently Asked Question for your review prior to ordering.

  1. Which lettuce species may NipsIt be applied to as a seed treatment?
    Used in conjunction with a seed pellet, Germains Seed Technology now offers NipsIt for Head and Romaine lettuce varieties only. NipsIt is not available for any variety of baby leaf lettuce.
  2. What are the benefits?
    NipsIt Vegetable provides lettuce growers with a seed-applied solution for protection against leaf miner (suppression), red lettuce aphid and green peach aphid in full season lettuce.
  3. May I stack with NipsIt with Germains other seed technologies?
    NipsIt must be applied with a pellet such as OxyKote® or ProPellet® Heavy (PPH®). Customers may also include emergis® priming and goseed® health technologies. Recommended pellet build up ratio is as follows.
    Protect Lettuce Crops from Aphids and Leaf Miners with Nipsit
  4. May I combine the treatment with any other agrochemical treatments?
    At this time, Germains has not tested nor confirmed if NipsIt is compatible with other fungicide treatments. Should a customer wish to incorporate other agrochemical treatments with NipsIt, the customer will be required to sign a Customer Order Release Form agreeing to release Germains from any and all liabilities and claims related to the order.
  5. After planting, does NipsIt cause the plants to display any symptoms or signs of treatment?
    NipsIt lettuce trials conducted by Germains Seed Technology have experienced lettuce plants showing signs of a halo effect at the seedling stage. The halo symptoms were no longer present once the plants grew their first true leaves. Germains recommends that you monitor your crops after planting.
  6. Are there any states in the US that do not allow NipsIt as a seed treatment?
    Currently, NipsIt Vegetables is only approved for application on lettuce and broccoli in California and Arizona. However, NipsIt is approved as a seed treatment for agronomic crops in other states.
  7. Is this treatment approved for export to Mexico or Canada?
    No, it is not approved for use in Mexico or Canada.

For more information about how to order please contact your preferred seed distributor or our North America Sales Team to be directed to a seed distributor near you. NipsIt Vegetables is a registerd trademark of Valent U.S.A.