Vegetable Seed Treaments, Coatings and Disinfection Processes

With 145 years of experience serving growers, we know that no vegetable species or field condition is the same. As one of the first companies to introduce pelleted seed into the American market in the 1950s, Germains continues to offer industry-leading conventional and organic seed technologies scientifically formulated for each species and tailored to perform in various cultivation practices, environmental conditions, disease and insect pressures.  Our teams of R&D experts are actively developing new conventional and organic vegetable seed treatments and processes that are solutions for field challenges that you may be experiencing.  The following three seed technologies are gaining popularity amongst vegetable growers as viable crop solutions:

Probio® gopure® Seed Disinfection Helps Reduce Crop Loss

Pseudomonas syringae pv. Aptata commonly known as “Bacterial Leaf Spot” spreads quickly throughout the field by the wind, water, infected seeds and other modes. In short production crops, where harvest occurs within 30 days after planting a rapid spread of Bacterial Leaf Spot can result in a total crop loss.  To our knowledge, there are no organic chemical controls for farmers to prevent the spread of bacterial diseases. The best preventative measure is to stop or reduce the amount of bacterial inoculums by planting seeds that is disinfected.

Bacterial Leaf Spot Swiss Chard

Example of Swiss chard Field Infected with Bacterial Leaf Spot

Probio® gopure® is a certified organic seed disinfection process that is applied to vegetable seeds that test positive for pathogens such as Pseudomonas. Probio® gopure® is a seed disinfection process that results in significant reduction in Pseudomonas syringae pv.aptata from Swiss chard and beet seeds used for baby leaf production, and Pseudomonas syringae pv.coriandricola from coriander seeds.

Seed Disinfection Bacterial Leaf Spot

Swiss chard field Disinfected with Probio® gopure®

Product Benefits:

  1. Improves yield by reducing Bacterial Leaf Spot
  2. Disease-free seed optimizes early plant growth
  3. Reduce transfer of pathogen to other crops

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Propellet® Elite Improves Celery Vigor and Root Mass for Transplanting

Celery has a reputation for being a challenge to grow, especially when transferring seedlings from the greenhouse to the field. Our ProPellet® Elite seed treatment for celery was developed based on an inquiry we received from a large-scale commercial grower who was losing plants in the transplant process. The grower contacted Germains to inquire if a seed technology could be developed to improve seedling vigor and root mass so the plants will withstand the transplant process. In partnership with the grower, our R&D team developed ProPellet® Elite; a stacked seed technology that combines pellet and health products that deliver stronger roots and vigor to improve the celery seed’s overall performance from transplant to harvest.

vegetable seed treatments

PPL® Elite on Left vs PPL®

Product Benefits:

  1. Larger seedlings with increased foliage
  2. Enhanced root development for easier transplant production
  3. Improved vigor for better stand during transportation to the field
  4. Greater yield potential

goseed® Seed Treatment Minimizes Stress and Optimizes Crop Performance

The early stages of any living organism are vital to future growth and development. Germains developed the goseed® technology that focuses on early plant nutrition, even before the plant emerges to ensure the plants success in variable growing conditions. goseed® is a seed applied micronutrient that maximizes the potential nutrient uptake of the seedling, improving early plant development especially under stressful environmental conditions.

vegetable seed treatments

In High Stress Conditions goseed® Helps Minimize Plant Stress and Maximize Crop Performance

Product Benefits

  1. Crop uniformity
  2. Enhanced root development
  3. Improved vigor
  4. Greater yield potential

How to Order or Trial Our Seed Technologies

In addition to these new products, Germains offers a broad range of other conventional and certified organic seed treatments such as priming, pelleting, filmcoatings and seed health for a number of vegetable species. We work with over 250 seed distributors throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico; if you are not familiar with our seed technologies contact your preferred seed dealer to arrange a field trial and or order our seed technologies. To find the right treatment for your growing conditions, visit our website for more information.