Launched exclusively into the UK market in 2013, Xbeet® plus combines the long established industry-leading Xbeet® priming with synergistic enhanced pellet technology.

Key Benefits of Xbeet® plus

  • Increased tolerance in stressful conditions
  • Increased yield potential of 2.5%*
  • Faster field emergence
  • Improved uniformity
  • Increased final plant population

*In multi-year field trials Xbeet® plus has been proven to improve the speed of emergence and uniformity of the sugar beet crop, ultimately delivering a potential 2.5% yield benefit when compared to Xbeet®.

Germains Seed Technology processes all sugar beet seed for the UK from its factory in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Germains Seed Technology has been involved in sugar beet seed production since the 1950s when it developed the first sugar beet seed pellet. Since then, Germains has continued to be innovators in seed technology, well-known and respected for priming technologies such as, Advantage® and Xbeet®.

Germains take pride in delivering a high quality sugar beet seed package and maintaining the quality and integrity of the seed genetics, provided by the seed breeders, throughout the process.

As one of the world’s largest independent seed technology providers and with a heritage of nearly 150 years, Germains continue to provide value-added solutions to maximise the natural potential of seed in the field. Working in collaboration with British Sugar and the NFU, Germains remain focussed on delivering value and exceptional results to the grower.

Image of Xbeet vs Xbeetplus

xbeet plus plant breakthrough

Xbeet plus UK 2015 trials summary

Xbeet plus Combined UK Yield between years 2011-2015

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