Developing New Seed Treatments for Sugarbeet

Industry reports estimate that over 1.1 million acres of sugarbeets are planted every year in the United States. The acreage is relatively small when compared to the 89-90 million acres each for soybeans and corn. However, the American sugarbeet industry has a significant impact on the nation’s economy. Creating 142,000 direct and indirect jobs and $20 billion in positive economic impact. Continuous research is key to determining the economics of sugarbeet production, cultivation techniques, and the efficacy of new seed treatments for sugarbeet. 

Developing New Seed Treatments for Sugarbeet

Germains Seed Technology remains committed to delivering high-quality seed enhancement products.  We conduct and verify all research for potential new seed treatments via independent third-party trial providers. Strict protocols conducted by professional researchers give assurance the results are accurate before launching any new seed treatment for sugarbeets or vegetable crops.

new seed treatment for sugarbeet

In 2019 Germains Seed Technology North America is conducting trials to test potential new seed treatments for sugarbeet in 18 locations. Currently, there are trials in eight locations are in the Red River Valley, five in both Idaho and Michigan. This year’s trials are being managed by University of Minnesota, Michigan State University, American Crystal Sugar Company, Michigan Sugar Company, and SESVanderHave Seed Company. All trial treatments are randomized and replicated 4-10 times. Each trial service provider is evaluating emergence, plant vigor, harvest yield, and quality.

new seed treatments for sugarbeet
Randomized Trial Plots | Sugarbeet Field Trials 2019

Through extensive research and development, Germains Seed Technology is actively researching and developing new seed treatments for sugarbeet in both the United States and Europe. We strive to provide seed treatment that improves emergence, plant growth, and consistency of stands. Uniform emergence and optimum plant establishment is the foundation to a successful crop which seed treatment play a significant role in early plant development.

Germains collaborates with all sectors of the sugarbeet industry to ensure that the new seed treatments that we develop for the sugarbeet industry are solutions to current and future challenges growers may encounter.  Collectively, we work with government agencies, universities, and the private sector so that we may support sugarbeet growers in both the United States and Europe.